HealthSync is an innovative Healthcare technology company building digital health platform for the healthcare organization of the future. HealthSync leverages bleeding-edge technologies likes of Blockchain, Machine and Cognitive Learning and Internet of Medical Thing. We are excited to be part of the journey of technology revolution just begin to transform the healthcare industry.

Moses Rajan

Moses Rajan, an accomplished technologist having more than 25 years of experience in  technology space. Moses worked as consultants to many of Global Fortune 500 corporations and also serial entrepreneur with a successful exit. Moses is a Blockchain evangelist and an IBM Certified Analyst. Currently he is the founder and CEO of HealthSync. He holds B.Engg,MBA from NIT  and MS from Brandeis University.

Dr.Manish Chauhan

Manish Chauhan, MD, is a practicing, board-certified interventinal cardiologist in Austin, TX.  He completed his medical residency, clinical and research fellowship at Harvard and Tufts Universities and has been in clinical practice for over 15 years.Dr. Chauhan is passionate about improving the medical field through innovative engagement and technology tools for healthcare professional and their patients,

Jay Chuathary.png
Jay Chauthary

Over the past 10 years, Mr. Chaudhry`s focus was leadership, operation and business development in the healthcare industry. Prior to founding Copley Healthcare Corporation, Mr. Chaudhry has been part of senior teams of successful healthcare and technology companies, including IBM, Oracle, Xerox, GE, Pfizer, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, American Home Product, Genetics Institute. Jay advisor for a number of MIT companies in Internet cyber-security, and healthcare technology.