Remote Patient Monitoring Network

HealthSync piloting Remote Patient Monitoring  with CadioVascular associates in Texas. SSOT Remote Patient Monitoring powered HealthSync Blockchain would help tracking patient’s vitals remotely . This solution will prevent patients toget readmission to hospitals due to unmonitored vitals.Key vitals tracked are Heart Rate and Weight. This is unique and transforming use case for distributed system.

Claims and Payment Process

HealthSync is working with Health New England to identify the approach to minimize fraudulent claims and reduce errors and delay in the payment process. HealthSyn is pionering approach of using Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology to solve some of the pressing issues of healthcare insurance issue.

Building New Paradigm in Interoperability

HealthSync working on a FHIR + Blockchain integrated interoperability to improve and simplify the network enabled interoperability solutions. We in healthSync believe that we will transform the interoperability of healthcare to benefit entire spectrum of healthcare data transfer from point to point.

Your Project

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