The HealthSync Platform is innovatively designed to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s HealthCare Organizations.

HealthSync understands the requirements for building a new, production grade foundation for rewiring global markets.

We have engineered the HealthSync Platform to meet, and in many cases exceed, the strictest requirements of healthcare industry and healthcare institutions around the world. We also deliver upon the fundamental benefits of synchronization and workflow automation that can unlock new business innovation, market-wide cost savings and compliance risk reduction.


Single Source





Network Applications

We offer solutions which are pre-built to the standards and ready to use.

Personal Health Records Network

Personal Health Records Network

Telemedicine & Remote Monitoring

Pharmacy SupplyChain Network

Claims and Payments Network

Credentials Network

Nutritional Facts app

What is HealthSync Network As A Service (HNaaS)?

HNaaS is a Blockchain/ Distributed Ledger Technology powered  network for healthcare data and  applications. This data and applications , spans the entire spectrum of health and medical information. HNaaS supports security, identification, authentication, compliance, analytics, and applications.

How HealthSync Network As A Service (HNaaS) works?

First, HNaaS sets policies and configures data and application layers. Second, it imbeds security in every transfer. Third, it manages detection, authorization, and compliance. As a protocol, HNaaS authorizes anyone with appropriate rights, which are assessed in the control layer, to communicate or transfer data.

Who Can Participate in the Network?

HealthSync build, manage, operate, and maintain the all network. Partners can build and sell solutions and services on top of the network. HealthSync itself is offering a portfolio of products and services to help clients maximize the value of the Blockchain powered network.

When will the network available to participate?

HealthSync is building the HNaaS network for various healthcare solutions. We are in Beta and showcasing some of the applications are built on it. We offer POC to Production solutions for our customers based on their uses cases. More details are listed in the services section

HealthSync tailors our products to meet your specific needs.

Having ensured an understanding of the technology and a validation of any potential use case, engagements typically start with a proof-of-concept to validate functional requirements, transition to prototypes and pilots to validate non-functional requirements, and then our applications are customized and integrated with your existing systems. Partners and end users are also able to perform customizations and integrations.

Prototyping & Piloting

Designed to stress a few critical elements of the architecture and prove that the HealthSync  Platform is capable of meeting the strenuous requirements of a production system.

Custom Apps

HealthSync can take our existing products and customize them to meet the local and organizational needs of our clients.

Proofs Of Concepts

A demonstration of the technical feasibility to satisfy the functional requirements of an application or use case.


Designed to stress a few critical elements of the architecture and prove that the HealthSync Platform is capable of meeting the strenuous requirements of a production system.

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